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Releases November 30, 2023

Thank you to musicians: Rigel Best, acoustic bass (track 8); Mark Elliot, soprano saxophone (tracks 8, 10)
Australian instruments played on this recording: Didjeridu – Tribal elder from Onpelli, Northern Territory. Guitar – Kevin Johnson. Hurdy gurdy – Charles Moller. Pyrex Flute – Mark Eliott. Panflute – Michael Atherton.
Studios: Digital City Studios. Engineer: Michael Gissing. ABC Studios 221. Engineer: Craig Preston (tracks 3, 11).
Equipment: 7 Sony U-matic recorders, 7 Sony PCM 501, ADx Turbolock Sychronisers, New England Digital Recorder (tracks 3, 11), Sony PCM 3402 DASH, Lexicon 224, Yamaha DSP-1, T.C.Electronics digital delay (track 13), Amek Desk, SSL Desk (tracks 3, 11), 2 Schoeps Collette Series microphones (O.R.T.F. Stereo), 1 Neumann U87 and 2 AKG 451 microphones (tracks 3,11).
Licensed via Michael Atherton
Remastered by Mikey Young
Design & layout by Jamie Johnson


Michael Atherton