Playing music is for life, the freedom of the here and now, and being gloriously in the moment. 

Dawn chorus

birds call, I reply. Interspecies concerto of synchronous lives 

moving in time and space, the old Beale piano trilling under my hands. 

Morning calm 

left and right hands opposed, glassy clusters crossed, 

contrary motion, simultaneous decrescendos, mindful control as the day unfolds. 

Noon heat 

glissandi, mid-range crescendos, ostinato intention, unfolding, 

cacophonous power chording, portents in low registers. 

Humid afternoon 

calamitous key changes, sub-bass morphing, thunder rolling in and out, 

storm transformations, sonic cloudbursts, and the iron roof drumming in arpeggios of rain. 

Evening calm

rainbow cadences, open-chorded stillness, 

sunlight fading resonances.

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