Released Recordings 
CD format [c=composer, m=musician, a=arranger, p=producer]
2011       Childhood in Music(c,m) 2009    Resophonica (with Bruce Crossman, c,m,p)
2009       Bloodwood (re-release and 3 new tracks, with Alan Dargin (c, p, m, a)
​2008       Surface, Texture, Line (with Garth Paine) 2008       Nine-Elemental Songs (with James Ashley Franklin & Tony Wheeler). 2007       Jo-Wha (with Ross Edwards, Ann Boyd, Bruce Crossman, et al) 2006       Parallel Lines (with Garth Paine) (c,p,m,a) 2004       A Pocketful of Songs (with Catherine Atherton (c, p, m, a) 2003       Aurora(with James Ashley Franklin) (c, p, m, a) 2003       Sea and Mountain: music in the Korean style  (c, p, m, a) 2002       Resonance: sounds for music therapy with Alan Lem (c, p, m, a) 2001       Abundance with James Ashley Franklin (c, p, m, a)
​2000 Melismos (c,p,m,a)
1999       A Celtic Breeze in the Antipodes, Sirocco, Larrikin Records (c, p, m, a) 1998      Ankh: the sound of ancient Egypt, Celestial Harmonies (c, p, m, a) 1998       Crosshatch, Black Sun Records (with Alan Dargin) (c, p, m, a) 1997       Ankala, Network Medien with Janawirri Yipparka and Mark Atkins (c, p, m, a) 1997       Sounds of Gondwana, Black Sun Records (c, p, m, a) 1996      Lyrebird, Black Sun Records (c, p, m, a) 1996       Soul Alone, track on Celestial Harmonies compilation 1996       Shoalhaven Rise, Black Sun Records (c, p, m, a) 1995       The Mahogany Ship (c, p) 1995       Voices of the Night (with Riley Lee) (c, m) 1994       Earthcore, track on ABC world music compilation (c, p, a) 1993       Digital Dance  (c, p) with David Kinsela 1993       Celebrate Australia, track on DFAT compilation (c, m) 1993       Wild Honey Dreaming(with Matthew Doyle and Riley Lee) (c, m) 1991      Australian Made Australian Played (c, m, a, p) 1991       Bloodwood (with Alan Dargin (c, m, a, p) 1991       Track, Southern Crossings, Spiral Scratch Records (c, p, m, a) 1990       Windshift, solo, Compass Records (c, p, m, a) 
​LP format [c=composer, m=musician, a=arranger, p=producer]
1988       A Larrikin History of Australia, Larrikin Records (c, m) 1987      Southern Crossings, (experimental) Sandstock Records (c, p, m, a) 1987       Kids and Traffic, NSW Traffic Authority (c, p, m, a) 1986       Far Flung, film compositions (c, p, m, a) 1986      Solo with Instruments, Great Island Records (c, p, m, a) 1986       StreetSense, children’s music, NSW Traffic Authority (c, p, m, a) 1984      Earthdance, Sirocco, Arika Records (c, p, m, a) 1982       Paths of the Wind Sirocco, Arika Records (c, p, m, a) 1981       The Cat's Fiddlestick, Renaissance Players, Festival Records (m) 1979      A Sibyl's Giggle, Cherry Pie Records (m) 1978       The Captive Unicorn, Renaissance Players, Cherry pie Records (m) 1977       Adam's Apple, Renaissance Players, Cherry Pie Records, (m) 1976       Bach to Beatles, Bennelong Players, Drum Records (a, m) 1976       Memories of English Mynstrelsy, Viking Records (m)